Home/Computer Network Support

  • Remote Assistance/Remote Desktop Support
  • Organize Your Programs and Optimize Your Computer Speed
  • Screen For Computer Viruses or Malware
  • Review your technology and Suggest Optimum Solutions
  • Analyze Ways to Enhance and Improve Your Home WiFi
  • Printer Setup and Support

Upgrades Update Support

  • Remove or Upgrade Outdated Programs
  • Install New Computer Hardware and Software
  • Virus and Malware and Removal

Smartphone Support (Iphone & Android)

  • Transfers and Setup
  • Troubleshoot Connection Issues

Data Retrieval, Backups and Secure disposal

  • Computer Hard Drive Backups
  • Computer Clean up and Secure Disposal

Learn How to Use the Latest Video Conferencing Software or other applications

  • Need help with any software needed to work from home?
All services mentioned above $60-75/hr

Just Ask About anything else you may need not listed here!